What about those “No’s”?

Just as there is powerful energy in “Yes”, there is also energy in “No”. Try these on:

  • “Well, ah …, hmm. No.”
  • “No, but …”
  • “No, I couldn’t do that – it scares me.”
  • “I so wish I could, but no.”
  • “No, not now.”
  • “No way! How dare you?”
  • “Absolutely not. That would never work for me.”
  • “Thank you for asking. No.”
  • “No.”

Practice again with those “No’s”. Can you feel the energy in each? The next time you make a choice and the answer is no, consider which energy will serve you and honor the “other”:

Which “No” leaves you drained?
What “No” is empowering and freeing?

What is YOUR wisdom?