What are you avoiding?

Have you noticed how much energy it takes to be in avoidance? Sometimes it’s the littlest things: pay the bill, call Mom, schedule a dentist appointment. Yet we delay, avoid, put in on the list – again. And we think about it, talk ourselves out of doing it, wish we didn’t have to do it, get fully contorted emotionally imagining what it will be like. And we avoid – again.

Yet I know that you, like me, have also experienced the freedom of having “it” done! That freedom shows up as excess energy, lightness, happiness, feeling good about ourselves. Today, rather than wonder “Why do I avoid?” – I commit to action and invite you into the same. Consider these easy steps:

  1. Make a list of what you are avoiding
  2. Next to each item, put the number of minutes it will actually take to do each item
  3. Pick one and do it!

What do you notice now?

What is YOUR wisdom?