What are you bringing to “now”?

Welcome to now. Perhaps you, like me, are back from a break and noticing that September includes new beginnings, activities restarting after the summer hiatus. Perhaps this comes with much excitement and joy; maybe your experience is more like “Shoot! I loved the spaciousness of summer and am not ready for it to end.”

Either way, “now” is here, “now” is what we have to work with and live in. What happened over the summer can be a rich source of guidance to “now” if we let it.

What do I mean by that?


I spent the last two months taking a break from blogging and extraneous activities, spending more time just being in my life. During that time I received the gift of grandchild #1 and spent several days with the family. Funny how nothing else matters when new life is present! I also spent one week on sacred in-home retreat while my husband was away. What I know experientially and have more clarity on now includes:

  • I thrive on balance – time for doing and time for being
  • I treasure deep connection with precious people in my life
  • It is vital that I serve others in the world around me AND that I love and care for myself in the process
  • Time out of routine, open to the magic everywhere present is healing, transformative and so very necessary

And, if these things are important, they are important throughout the year. I dare not wait until next summer to experience them again. Therefore, my intention for “now” is to continue to bring balance, deep connection, service, self-care and time away from routine.

What about you?
What did you learn about you that you’ll keep with you now?

What is YOUR wisdom?