What have you outgrown?

On this journey of expansion, personal growth, we read, we study, we try new things. We take on new practices like journaling and meditation, yoga and mindfulness. We attend workshops and seminars. We stretch into new avenues of creativity.

And … we let go. If we don’t, it is very likely that we will burst!

Everything – absolutely everything – on this human plane is temporary, or in Buddhism, impermanent. Even those practices, relationships, ideas we pick up along the path of growth which are life transforming in the moment, eventually cease to serve us in the same way. Sometimes we alter them and they continue to serve; sometimes they must end.

Give yourself a moment to review the “tools” you use today in service of your personal growth. For each, ask yourself:

How have I outgrown this?
What change would double its impact now?
Is it time to release it?

What is YOUR wisdom?