What if you knew that “all is well”?

What if, in the face of physical pain, disaster, stress, discomfort, intense growth or any other of life’s challenges, what if, in every situation, in every moment, you knew: “All is well”?

Think about it. We human beings can get through an amazing lot of challenge when we know it’s worth it and that it will end. As a simple example, consider the 30 minute exercise video that feels like it will turn your body to mush. With each passing minute, knowing that it will end, you actually feel more and more positive and anticipate the celebration of success!

And sometimes, “outer knowing” is not available. We can’t know when “it” will end or how “it” will turn out.

Inner knowing, however, believing, having faith, these are personal choices. In any situation, we can choose to believe, to know, that “All is well.

What does the “all is well” perspective offer you?

What is YOUR wisdom?