What is powerful enough to break through your resistance?

Today, I’m looking at my resistance around seeking help with a physical issue that is making good sleep nearly impossible. What keeps me from pursuing every avenue available to help me overcome this very challenging situation?

Here’s what I am noticing. The reasons I don’t want to ask for help boil down to fear: fear of changes I may have to make and of the time it will take. I’ve heard there are only two emotions: fear and love. If we’re not in “love”, we’re in “fear”. So I asked:

What would a dose of love and compassion do for me?

and wrote myself a letter from a compassionate and loving voice. What happened? Resistance cracked. Those “reasons” flowed out onto the page balanced with:

Love yourself into wholeness.
Physical challenges are part of the human experience.
Acceptance goes a long way!

I leave you with these questions:

What are you resisting?
What are you afraid of?
What do you hear when you listen from love?
What power lies in self-compassion?

What is YOUR wisdom?