What is your vision?

Here I am again with an acronym to share. Why do I keep creating in this way? Well, words hold deep meaning for me. I’m sure many of you reading this are deeply moved and inspired by the visual – photos, color, and works of art. Others are moved by music or persons in service of others.

Perhaps most of us are moved by multiple types of media as I am. So we listen and we create in various ways, depending on circumstances. Well, this is a blog and by its nature it can link to photos and music, but it is primarily built on words. So, words it shall be!

A few days ago, I gave the following coaching assignment to a woman seriously looking at retiring from her long-time occupation and moving into the next phase, the next focus for her life. Notice I didn’t say “retiring” to couch potato status! This was a coaching assignment!
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What is YOUR wisdom?