What is your YAY?

What is your YAY?


Yes, that IS what I mean! What are you celebrating? What are you proud of? What bit of magic or delight have you created today? Say it. Go on! Stand up and shout to world: “I just … and it is so frickin’ awesome!”

What? You’re uncomfortable?
Ain’t no way you would do that

What’s that about? Why is it that so often conversations center around what’s wrong, what we feel bad about, what ails us or the world at large?

Rather than dig into the why which often doesn’t do much good, I am challenging you to break the mold and simply model something different:

Share your YAY!

Then notice. Notice the impact in you when you dare to feel proud, good about yourself. Notice the impact on others when you express it. Then, invite them to join you. Ask your friends, your colleagues, your partner, your children:

What is your YAY?

Imagine sitting around the dinner table and hearing celebrations. Imagine starting a meeting at work with each person celebrating a recent accomplishment. Imagine we focused on the positive more than the negative. Imagine!

What are you proud of today?
How did you brighten our world today?
What is your YAY?

What is YOUR wisdom?