What will you plant?

Springtime – a time for planting seeds in anticipation of the fall harvest. Perhaps an overused metaphor, but a good one and I’d like to invite you into it with me. What follows can be applied to any dream or goal, intention or vision. For the sake of this moment, call to mind one such vision you hold for the life ahead of you. As you can, imagine it clearly, complete, you – embodying your vision.

Feels good, yes? What? Are your thoughts suggesting it’s impossible – or – too far off to begin? Set them aside. Now is the time to begin.

The fall harvest of your dream requires many baby steps. Before overwhelm sets in, recall also that the seeds which you plant spend a lot of time by themselves, growing, expanding, doing what plants do. Gardeners must take just the right steps at just the right time and then step aside and let the plants do their thing. It will be the same with your dream. You will take just the right steps which prepare you for the next steps. And you will, at times, simply be present and allow the growth in you to unfold. You will also, at times, pause and wait for the Universe to respond to your steps. Easy does it! The fall harvest demands action … and sacred allowing.

Are you ready?

Bring that vision, your dream, back into your awareness. You have selected the seed you will plant. Take a look at the steps which follow. As needed, use the steps to create a plan for the manifestation of your vision. Then ask yourself:

Which stage is my dream at?
What steps in this stage are mine to take action on now?

  1. Clear the soil. Imagine ground previously unused, covered in weeds, rocks, trees. Preparing the soil requires removal of rocks and trees will block growth and weeds that will choke out new growth. What habits, things, relationships, activities will block or choke your dream and need to be released?
  2. Till the soil. Loosen the soil so it can be molded by the planting process. What ideas, beliefs, habits need to be reviewed, revised, overhauled, loosened to allow for your vision to grow?
  3. Plant the seed. Create a trough at just the right depth for this type of seed then cover it gently to protect it. Be with your completed vision in the depths of your being. Make a special place for it, protected, spacious, real. Carefully choose your support system and share your dream.
  4. Nourish and tend the planting. Sunlight, water, ongoing removal of weeds, thinning, pruning and most important, wait. What skills must be developed? What knowledge is required? What habits put in place? What new ideas and beliefs must replace the old? What regular practices (journaling, meditation, support system check in, review and revise the overall plan…) will keep you on track with both growth AND letting go, releasing, weeding? Is now a time for pause, rest, wait, patience?
  5. Harvest. Enjoy the bounty. Celebrate completion! Enjoy living your vision.
  6. Winter renewal. Soil remains barren, covered with snow, decomposition of last year’s waste. Sacred pause to turn within, rest, renewal.

What is your dream?
What does your support system look like? What stage is this dream at?
What step is yours to take today?

What is YOUR wisdom?