What you believe …

Our chosen belief system has a HUGE impact on our lives – but then, you knew that. Well, I just want to share with you an experience that began one hour ago. The story? I was doing my husband a favor – a ten minute favor – before getting into this day which has clients and stuff to do! We were delayed. Ten minutes became 40. I watched as my insides got triggered. My emotional being got stressed and frustrated, my heart was pounding, my head was spinning with how the inconvenience would impact my morning.

Ever happen to you?

Oh – belief system. So I am working with a powerful idea these days. It is this: my “human” and my “spirit” are two different beings and can have two different responses, two different experiences, of any given moment. This morning, unlike my “human”, my “spirit” had no problem with the delay, wanted to joyfully support my husband, and knew that the day had plenty of minutes for whatever needed to get done. I was able to see clearly in that moment that I had a choice: I could listen to my human reaction and let it be in charge – or I could listen to my spirit awareness and trust.

I chose spirit … and I am here writing to you with no leftover frustration and with time to do the writing!

What do you believe?
What belief system would make your human journey a bit lighter?

What is YOUR wisdom?