When is it NOT time to lead?

You may know that leadership is a passion of mine. This world needs leaders who care deeply, love fully, dare greatly … and know when it is time to step back, rest, follow. (Side note: when following, it is vital that we choose carefully who we follow!)

How do you know when to step back, rest or follow?

I ask, having noticed recently that I do a lot and I yearn for more internal wholeness. I ask, having noticed that stepping away from activity has been a hard choice to make when messages like “What will they say? What will I miss out on?” fill my thoughts.

I ask, having been gently nudged to notice how often I lead, create, make “it” happen! “Jeanne, who in your life serves as a leader to you? Where do you go just to be among?” BAMB! Spot on suggestion as I yearn to hear my soul’s calling more deeply, to listen more frequently, more intentionally to her message.

While the soul is an internal voice, it is one source of intuition – all of which are valuable. So discerning my soul’s calling includes listening to what surrounds me, messages in you, in nature, in rest, in play, in receiving.

If it’s time for you to step aside, step away from the spotlight, rest and receive, consider:

What am I to release in order to create space?
What structures are needed to support staying in spaciousness?
What messages will I listen to?

What is YOUR wisdom?