When it’s all too much

Today, when I sat down for my morning centering time, I found my brain busy, my body a bit tense, and my heart space a bit teary. While the tears held a message of gratitude, the rest of my being didn’t feel like a place from which I could enter the day ahead.

Stop. Close your eyes. Slowly, mindfully, take 10 deep breaths through your nose. Follow the breath as it flows down into your lungs, expanding your chest. Imagine it flowing through your entire body to the tips of your finger and toes. Easefully hold each breath a few seconds, then release it completely, again noticing how the breath feels in your body. From this place, where nothing but the breath fills your awareness:

What can come off today’s to-do list?
What else?
What else?
What single intention will you carry with you this day?

What is YOUR wisdom?