When the power goes out

Welcome to this day … Sunday morning in Appleton, Wisconsin … where we are on the other side of a tornado. We were fortunate. Not even 1/8 mile from our home, downed trees, power lines, flying roofs… Here, only 42 hours without power.

Yet it made me think about power from many perspectives. There is the power of electricity which we depend on and perhaps only realize how much when it is absent! Cell phones, computers, refrigerators, lights, water beds, TVs, … all rely on electricity. Some folks in our neighborhood immediately turned on the backup source, the generator. For them, food didn’t spoil, technology was available, and water beds were warm!

But what about personal power, the energy that we depend on to move through the activities of our day? What happens when yours “goes out”? Do you actually let it “go out”?┬áToday, I invite you to check in with your internal power supply. Unlike electricity, where generators can replace it for a time, your personal energy is yours to monitor, nourish, restore. When it goes out, there is no gas-operated generator to plug into.

On a scale of 1 to 10, what level is your internal power supply at?
How effective are you at this level?
What would restore it?
What will you give yourself today?

What is YOUR wisdom?