Who, me?

Yes you! Why not you? What if you don’t?

Call to mind all those whose writings, ideas, bold actions have touched you:

  • a special supervisor
  • a spiritual teacher or author
  • your favorite blogger

I bet the ideas that had an impact on you had been shared by many others.  But, you “got it”, it resonated for you when it came from that particular person.

What if they had refused to give it?

Here’s the thing. We resonate – and don’t – with people, writings, speeches. We resonate with some and not others. What touches you may not touch me. In other words, how a message is delivered matters. There are as many ways of receiving as there are people on the planet.

The next time you think you have nothing unique, inspirational or helpful to say or give and are tempted to withhold your talents or gifts:

Give anyway!

Someone needs to hear it in the way only you can deliver it. Share, grateful for all who have pushed beyond their limiting thoughts and shared something that resonated for you. Then let go! You may never know who you’ve touched.  And it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that you have let yourself be a gift – free and unattached to the outcome.

Where do you hold back?
What nudges to share do you ignore?
What stops you?

What will allow you to “give anyway”?

What is YOUR wisdom?