Why ask for help?

All too often, we hesitate, we try first to “do it ourselves”. We say “No, thank you.” when the clerk in the store says, “May I help you?”  or our arms are full and someone says, “May I open the door?”. Or, we know we can’t complete everything well but we refuse to ask for help. Each of us has our own reasons for refusing help so “why we don’t” isn’t the focus here. Rather:

Why should we ask for help? 


  • it will give “them” a chance to be of service
  • “it” will get done better and more easefully
  • “we” might strike up a conversation as “you” are helping me and I might actually help you in the process!
  • what else?

Today, practice asking for help – over and over and over. Practice again tomorrow. Continue your practice and mark your calendar for 21 days down the road. At that time, consider:

What does asking for help feel like now?
What, if anything, would prevent me from asking now?

What is YOUR wisdom?