You Already Know

The truth is, you already know. “Know what?”, you ask. You know a lot more about what you want, what works, what feels empowering – and not, what you need “now” than you are willing to claim. Why is that? What stops you from stating your desires clearly?

Consider this: Just because “it” is what you want or need or works best for you … doesn’t mean you will insist on receiving it. Sometimes, just getting clear inside about what would most honor “me” is enough.

The next time you are feeling “off” or you say “I don’t know what I want” or you are frustrated with “them”, try this. Stop. Step away from the action. Breathe. Look inside. Then ask yourself:

What do I want, need, desire now?
What would feel really great to me?

What would the impact be on “them” if I receive it?
What if I don’t?

 Now that you have a complete picture of the situation, ask yourself:

What now?

What is YOUR wisdom?