You Don’t Know Me

You don’t know me, I have changed –
inside, my thoughts, all rearranged.
Confused awhile yet now I place
less stock in what the mind creates.

I see with eyes which look beyond
the rules defining human bonds.
The Soul which lives as me, as you,
is not confined to trite “I do”

for It loves all as Soul connection
seeks to further Life’s intention.
Simply growth, awareness, joy,
not perfection, wealth or ploy.

You don’t know me, here as Soul,
present to the sacred whole.
Yet I see you as you are –
ever changing, reaching far.

Human paths we travel on,
side by side from dusk till dawn.
Souls they journey, free to fly –
unique and precious, you and I.

by Jeanne Loehnis, May 2012

What is YOUR wisdom?