A story that must be told …


Soul’s Desire Inspiration Card

Recently I wrote about the stories we tell over and over again and, in which, we get lost:

Lost in the Story

Today’s message is about the “I” that gets lost in the story. You came to this life as a unique and precious individual soul essence. You alone can discover who you are, what you are passionate about, who you will BE in this lifetime and what is yours to DO. You have a unique story to tell with the choices you make each and every day.

Maybe you don’t think this is possible. Maybe you don’t believe it. Maybe what I am writing is pure heresy to you. Maybe you have tried to be you and been shut down, put down, over and over and have given up. If any of this rings true, I would like for you to hear: “Try again. Your unique essence, your voice, is needed. Who you are matters!”

Here are just a few questions to jumpstart your exploration into who you are:

Who are you?
What do you stand for?
What is your deeper essence?
What is your conscience telling you?
What inner conviction do you ignore?
What potential is locked inside?
What purpose is worth it?

What is YOUR wisdom?