A word from your body …

Today is day #5 of feeling “under the weather”. My physical body is experiencing cold symptoms and exhaustion and unable to participate fully in life as I have come to desire. Singing has turned to silence; activity has turned to added (attempts to) sleep. What’s more, my thoughts and emotions express judgment and disdain, frustration and impatience for the physical body.

How sad is that?

In today’s pause, I notice that I depend on my body to be well and to deliver — like I would a machine! I take for granted that when I put the key in the ignition each morning it will start and keep going until I choose to shut it down.

Yikes! Does this sound familiar? What is another way?

If we were talking about my best friend or a child’s body, that other way would include:

  • a large dose of compassion and gentleness
  • an invitation to rest, restore, let go of obligation, ask for help with to-do’s that truly must be done
  • a reminder that the spirit is whole and well and today is a day to be embraced by and receive pure Love

Today, I will be with myself as I would be with that friend or child. I will find gratitude for this amazing body that I move around in. I will listen to her needs and fill them.

How about you? Even if you are not noticeably ill today, I invite you to press pause and take a moment to listen to your body.

What warning signs do you see?
What are you taking for granted?
What would compassion and gentleness look like today?

What is YOUR wisdom?