Leading from Heart

I’ve been pondering and practicing “leading from heart” lately, letting my heart speak before my head. The hardest thing is remembering to do it! My head can kick into the gears of fear and judgment and hurry and worry faster than lightning strikes! Yet, when I breathe into my heart space and let it expand into the leadership position in my life, miracles happen.

This morning, I discovered this very powerful image at PhotoBucket.com.


I encourage you to let yourself be with it until it is lovingly burned into your awareness and you can’t help but see stoplights in a new way!

What does “leading from┬áheart” mean to you?

One Reply to “Leading from Heart”

  1. Remembering to be compassionate with people I am working with – which comes much easier when I lead with heart vs. my mind (which is focused on deadlines vs. people).

What is YOUR wisdom?