All Are One

Perhaps you share a belief, a way of holding the world, that parallels this idea:

We are all one, interconnected, not separate.

And maybe you don’t! And that is, of course, OKAY! Yet I thought I would share one way that this idea impacts me.

I am an entrepreneur, a life coach and motivational speaker. I am one of many, many people who depend on others to find value in their work and life expression for their livelihood, many who do the same type of work I do. If I hold each of these other beings as my competitor and separate from me, then I am filled with anxiety, fear, a need to out do or look better than, or perhaps, a feeling of less than and hopelessness. Not only do these feelings build a wall between you and me, they cut a deep slice between me and my inner, creative self which I need in order to motivate, inspire, and be with my coaching clients and workshop attendees.

Do you ever feel this type of separation from others?

What happens when instead, I look at my competitors as one with me, and see us traveling the same path, desiring to have a positive impact in the world? For me, this opens my mind and heart to a very different experience! My awareness begins to include:

I/We are working for a better world!
There is never too much love.
The world needs all of us.
There is room for each of us to share our gifts.
Your success adds to the awareness of what I believe in!
As you impact the world, more people become aware of positive, empowering ideas.

Yesterday, “me and my guitar” showed up to gift a group of caregivers. I shared some of my own music, but also a piece by Jana Stanfield ( a woman whose work and life have greatly impacted my own. I found it easy to sing her praises and many asked for her contact information and website.

But what about me?

It didn’t even show up! When I am open and feeling connection and oneness, we’re simply all in this together and there is always enough. Proof? As I was packing up, one of the attendees came over to me and asked: And who are you? Where have you been? You are so gifted. Why don’t I know about you? He was a Jana Stanfield fan who could see in me similar gifts. What does this tell me? Well, I have learned so much from that amazing woman! Sharing Jana with others does not diminish me. In fact, we are one in heart and intention. It is a privilege to let the world know about Jana through my words … and, I guess, through my talent!

When I am open, share ideas, support and encourage others, see us as connected rather than separate, my world expands! I learn from you. You receive my gifts and together we grow.

In what ways do you remain separate?
What would a sense of interconnectedness, oneness do?
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