Deep breath. Another. Relax. Be here now. What do you notice?

In this moment, I am 28 hours away from boarding a plane to Maui for the first family vacation in many years. In the days leading up to this moment, I have planned, packed, gotten excited, noticed and released fear, basically … “gotten ready”.

And, today … today holds moments that aren’t Maui moments. Today offers Life in the form of now moments. Every day offers these. The question is:

Do I cherish them?

Am I present, here and now, to the people, emotions, delights, ideas, activities present now? Or am I caught up in planning for tomorrow … and the tomorrow after that? Or perhaps caught up in rehashing yesterday … and the yesterday before that?

This is nothing new! I realize that. Yet, today I choose to appreciate now, and the sacred gift of life that I have been given again this day.

Will you join me?

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