All In!

Whatever it is, are you All In? 

Or do you invest half-way, unwilling to put your all into “it”? Do you commit to a project, a practice, an intention and then not make room for it nor give it the energy it needs to come to fruition?

If you find All In eludes you, you are not alone! Why is it that we make commitments and then don’t really follow through on them? What’s the impact?

The reasons I am less than All In at times include:

  • the commitment wasn’t meant for me to make – I’m really not committed!
  • there are too many conflicting commitments of time and energy, too much on my plate to be all in with any one of them
  • I don’t know if “this* is what I’m supposed to be All In with!
  • fear of what happens to everything and everyone else when I devote myself to “you” or to “this” – what will you think when I *ignore you*?

What is the impact of being less than All In?

  • I do nothing really well and everyone loses
  • I don’t feel good about anything, I feel incomplete, sloppy, disconnected
  • I feel drained from simultaneously holding too many open projects energetically and physically
  • I lose the tremendous energetic boost, the satisfaction of being All In and doing “it” well

So why not be All In? One big reason is that it requires other things to be left out. If I am 100% in with someone else, I cannot be 100% in with you. If I am 100% committed to this project, this organization, this personal growth practice, I likely have to let something else go, at least for now.

What about you? If you let yourself discover your truth around All In, what will you hear when you ask:

Where am I less than All In?
What is the impact on me and others?
What am I unwilling to release?

What’s possible if I let go and practice All In?

What is YOUR wisdom?