Practice Patience

Last week, I wrote:

What is mine to give?

You read a message about listening to your inner voices, discerning and learning what is your unique essence, your song, the gift that is yours to put forth at this time in this lifetime.


Today, I am needing to hear:

Be patient.
Practice patience.

When we choose to co-create with Universal Mind, our intuition, Life as she presents herself to us, timing is not in our control! This is so very different from society’s messages that we:

  • get through school in the first 18 or 22 years of life
  • complete the project at work by the deadline
  • plan every detail of that upcoming event so the outcome is *perfect*

No, this is different. It’s inviting inspiration from everywhere. It’s a willingness to hear an idea and release it to the magic that happens when we listen to all that surrounds us. It’s trusting that what we need to know will appear in divine timing, not MY timing. I am reminded of a cute, but meaningful, song by Jana Standfield, I Always Know What I Need to Know. An excerpt from the lyrics:

There’s a power in the Universe greater than just me.
And it works a million miracles when I let it be!

So today, I am practicing patience. I am trusting that clear guidance will appear if I don’t try to force it. Having set in motion an intention for my life at this time, today is for remaining open and aware as I take whatever next step is in front of me. Nothing more is needed or expected.

What intention have you put forth?
In what ways are you trying to force an outcome?
What will you hear if you practice patience?

What is YOUR wisdom?