Alphabet Guidance

This morning, I noticed one of my gremlins present. A haze of depression was trying to get me to believe that all was not well, something was very wrong, and I’d better figure it out and correct it!

And I chose not to go there.

Instead, I took a deep breath, embraced the message that one of my inner saboteur voices was active, and said, “Hello Depression. I hear you and I know that your message is not my deepest truth.”

Then, I proceeded to play a word game which I share with you now. From D for depression, I proceeded to find other truths:

D for Dancing
E for Energy
F for Flexibility and Friendship
G for Godliness

I worked my way up to O for my Open Mind and Heart and realized that my inner being had shifted and Depression was no longer in control.

What would Alphabet Guidance show you?

What is YOUR wisdom?