Am I A Healer?

Recently, after facilitating a group, I was asked, “Are you a healer?” The question caused me great pause.

Am I a healer?
What is a healer?
What do I believe?

Upon reflection, the answer came back, “Yes! I am a healer.”

So are you.

What? Yes, each one of us is a natural born healer. Beginning with ourselves, our bodies, our spirits, we are actively in the healing process all of the time. Beyond that, consider:

  • In what relationships do you bring calm, peace, healing balm?
  • What special talents of yours bring joy?
  • In what situations are you met with, “It is SO good to see you!”

I heal by listening, being present, honoring your spirit and your emotional being when we connect. I heal when I share the music that flows through me. I heal by remembering you, reaching out, sharing a note, an inspiration or a hug. I heal by adding these tidbits to the world – even if no one reads them – they serve to heal the spirit of Jeanne so she can heal others.

Today, rather than asking, “Am I a healer?”, respond with “Yes, I AM a healer!” and ask yourself:

How am I to be a healer today?

What is YOUR wisdom?