White Knuckle Abstinence

Ideally, we move forward and take positive steps toward our goals by visioning the future and excitedly doing what it takes to get there. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work. Sometimes we let life – or fear – get in the way even when the vision is compelling and glorious!

In 12-Step recovery, the phrase, “white knuckle abstinence” means doing whatever it takes to steer clear of our substance of choice whether that be alcohol, drugs, overeating, under eating, or gambling. This can be unpleasant and hard – yet possible with the help of supportive sponsors, meetings, inspirational readings.

What does “white knuckle abstinence” look like around vision work, around living a fulfilling, purposeful, passionate life? I think it is another tool in our tool box. Perhaps it’s the sledge hammer which may not do the prettiest work but does do something! Maybe it’s the hand saw when we really need a chain saw yet again, it moves us forward. Maybe it is an accountability partner. Maybe it’s getting up 15 minutes early each day to exercise – kicking and screaming all the way – but doing it.

If you’ve been stuck in a rut or backsliding on your dreams, ask yourself:

What would a dose of White Knuckle Abstinence look like?

What is YOUR wisdom?