Another Pause

It is March 9, 2015. I woke with a song in my heart space: May My Heart Break by Stowe and Karen of These powerful lyrics are guiding me in this moment:

As I lie here in the stillness of a brand new day
and imagine all the possibilities.
I am humbled by this life and by the part I play.
And my gratitude just brings me to my knees.

This is my prayer. This is my plea.
Would you blind me to all separation I might see.
Bring down the walls. Let judgment fall away.
May my heart break open today.

I am moved to connect, to see our oneness, to live fully my part in this life. And I know that I am meant to explore deeply inside myself and be with others in rich, inter-personal connection.

I am once again called to write less – and less. For each of you who find inspiration on-line, please soak it in and then live into it! For each of you who, like me, desire the human touch for your inspiration, give it, receive it, live it.

For this moment, not knowing when I will return, I say, farewell. May you treasure the life you have been given and live it authentically, fully, freely.

What is YOUR wisdom?