Do Less

I have written before about listening to intuitive wisdom – that inner, personal guidance that each one of us has access to, but which we so often miss.

Intuitive Wisdom

It takes practice to learn to hear our intuition and courage to follow it. Today, consider making a commitment to practice listening. To make it possible, try these practical and simple ideas for making space in your days by doing less:

  • Cook extra so tomorrow’s meal is easier with planned leftovers
  • Reuse bath towels so laundry is less
  • Don’t pick that fight with your spouse or children, let it go and go listen within instead
  • Stop rehashing yesterday in your mind
  • Stop planning for tomorrow and listen to what is present today

Know that when we begin a practice of listening, we might only hear what we’ve always heard! Be gentle with yourself. This is a practice! Let go again and listen:

What do you hear in the silence?
What message is in your breath?
What does your body say?
What is your heart’s truth?


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What is YOUR wisdom?