Are You Present?

I am just back from guiding a yoga class with the intention of being fully present to what showed up in and around me, an intention of being in the experience, not doing it. Yet, it took 17 minutes (of 30) to realize that I had not made the clock available to my eyes.

While you could suggest that if I was fully present and in the flow, I would just know when our time was up…

True perhaps. But the point for now is this:

Are you DOING tasks, checking them off the list?
Or are you BEING PRESENT to the moments, fully engaged?

When I am fully PRESENT, I am aware, alive, centered. Life – and the activities I participate in – flow with ease. When I am DOING the tasks on the list, there is often little satisfaction, pause, awareness of impact.

Take a minute. Or take five deep breaths. Or close your eyes and turn within. Notice the you that has been DOING.

What are you present to?
What presence will you bring to the next task?

What is YOUR wisdom?