How do you prepare yourself?

I noticed something today … and am sharing it from a place of full disclosure, albeit a bit uncomfortable. Before I meet with clients or women’s groups or find myself as a front of the room leader, I prepare. Preparations include meditation, grounding, clearing emotional clutter, opening my being to be with and to receive “you” fully.

When the activity ahead is something different like writing, preparingĀ a workshop handout, organizing my notes … not directly engaging with people, I often skip the preparation and shift into human doing mode.

Why does it matter?

If everything is energy, then the handouts, writings, notes will have an energetic impact on the world. Imagine the impact they will have when they are created from

  • tired, stressed, bored
  • centered, energized, engaged

Which works do YOU want to use?
What energy will you create FROM next time?
Which version of creation will nourish you, the creator?

What is YOUR wisdom?