Are you response-able?

If you are reading this, I am guessing that you are pretty responsible. You care enough to do your part, to help, to serve, to complete the work in front of you. But:

Are you Response-Able?

  • When the unforeseen happens, are you free to respond fully, with 100% of what is in you?
  • When you respond in any situation, are you really there, open to love, give, be present without the rest of life niggling in your brain?
  • When you show up for any task, do you leave everything else behind so that you really are able to respond to what is – not what you think should be or what you presumed would be or what you are willing to be with?

Today, just notice who you are in the activities of your life. Notice where your thoughts and feelings are in the midst. Notice if you are fully aware of all that is around you, tuned in to what is really going on, focused on the person or task in front of you and, therefore, fully able to respond to whatever shows up?

What keeps you from being Response-Able?
What are you willing to release today?

What is YOUR wisdom?