What if you knew …?

Today started with a long list of things I wanted to do … messages to write, appointments, tasks. Before my day started, I felt behind, overwhelmed, defeated.

Thankfully, I remembered to pause and ask myself:

What if you knew there was enough time?

That question has served me well. It slows me down. It invites me to be with the task at hand from a place of peace, trust, knowing that what needs to get done, will get done.

I’d like to broaden the potential of “What if you knew …?” for you. Imagine, when life hits, you asked yourself:

What if I knew it would all work out?
What if I knew the relationship would be mended?
What if I knew I would find the job I seek?
What if I knew …?

Whatever the question is for you today, breathe into it. Close your eyes and be with the impact of knowing “the end of the story”. From this place, ask:

What emotions can I release?
What energy is available to bring to this moment?

Who can I BE now?

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What is YOUR wisdom?