Baseball Part I: The Home Run

If you know a bit about baseball, you know that a home run means you’ve hit that ball out of the park and you score for the team without being challenged as you trot around the bases.

What does it take to hit that home run? Years of physical training and practice, concentration and focus, and a good read on that pitcher. It also takes a lot of:

  • swing and a miss
  • bunting
  • strike outs
  • walks
  • hits resulting in outs
  • base hits
  • getting to first on the other team’s error

In other words, that home run was preceded by many failures, minor successes, and some measure of the misfortune of others. I suspect it is also the result of good coaching and lots of attaboys!

What is your home run?
What effort are you willing to expend to get there?
What are you unwilling to experience along the way?

Stay tuned for Baseball Part II …

What is YOUR wisdom?