Learn to look inside!

“Whenever I’m in a quandary about the day ahead of me, I seek advice from the ones I trust. I look inside of me.”
True Advice by Jeanne Loehnis

Life offers us decision points all the time. Daily we have little choices. Sometimes, the decision will have a big impact and it may feel like heavy challenge or amazing opportunity! Often, decisions which feel big weigh heavily and are hard to make. If that is the case for you, here are two thoughts:

First, consider using a variety of perspectives to help you “think outside the box” to discover options. Here are just a few of my favorite perspectives:

  • My Higher Power, God, Spiritual Guide
  • My emotional body
  • Society’s viewpoint
  • Self-compassion
  • Leaving a lighter carbon footprint
  • Playful
  • Seven generations before and hence

Second, practice seeing different perspectives in the little, day-to-day decisions. That way, when the next “big one” comes along, you’ll be in the habit of opening to possibility!

What answer do you find when you look inside?

What is YOUR wisdom?