Be Here Now

It has been a week filled with the lesson:

Be Here Now

Be in this moment, be fully present. Now is where life happens. Now is the only place where I can make a difference. What I notice is:

The Universe takes care of me!

Sometimes, that care comes in the form of events I don't really want but which remind me that I am not present – and need to be.

I was on my way to volunteer at a treatment facility on Wednesday morning, aware that a major event had occurred the day before and the women were likely still experiencing emotional grief. What was needed was me, fully present, able to be with whatever showed up in my group. Now, the Universe had already supplied me with the idea to ask for help and bow out of an earlier commitment that felt like more than I could handle. I had and all was well. I was on my way believing I was present for the women.

Until, the flashing lights went on behind me.
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What is YOUR wisdom?