Is it a PICNIC?

Okay. Here's the facts around the last half hour. I came here with an intention of creating a blog entry that would hold a meaningful message for you. And I wrote with relative ease. Then the software didn't respond to my commands as I intended and “Poof!” it was gone.

In information technology, this is most often the result of a PICNIC:

(P)roblem (I)n (C)hair (N)ot (I)n (C)omputer

In other words, I probably did something wrong as opposed to there being a “bug” in the blogging software.

In life, when we are told that we made the mistake, well sometimes, that isn't an easy nut to swallow. “My error? NOT!” And fuming persists and the blame game continues. Then what?

I blame you.
You blame me.
There is an answer
but I don't see.

Frustrated, angry.
I am blind.
Resolution hidden
from my mind.

Oh my! Where did that come from? Truthfully, it came from letting go of what I'd lost through the PICNIC. It came from not engaging in a blame game and storming away mad. It came from opening to resolution and moving forward, to “what is here now?” rather than dwelling on what is lost. And it came in about two minutes.
  • Where are you blind?
  • Where are you playing the blame game?
  • What's the power in owning a “problem in chair”?

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