Be Thoughtless …

What? Be thoughtless? This, from Jeanne whose writing is ever inviting you into deeper thought and thinking about life in different ways?

Yes. Today the message is:

Be thoughtless … and, therefore, mindful

Mindful. No, I didn’t say “mind full”. I said, mindful. Present. Aware. Engaged with this now moment. Engaged from body, emotion, spirit so as to let the the actual experience you are in have an impact and truly be registered in your being. Be with what is … rather than with what you think is, assume will be, or prejudged it to be. Be with what is … rather than what your mind is conjuring up as a response.

Rather than ask you questions today, I have a challenge for you. Today, pick someone (or more than one!) you encounter and invite them into the practice of thoughtless conversation. After “hello” and before you continue to talk, explain this notion of thoughtless, therefore mindful and see if they are willing to be there with you. Note: If they aren’t, you can still be there! But find another person before the day is out, okay?

Then, come back here and post your experience of thoughtless. What will we discover?

What is YOUR wisdom?