How plump is your orange?

I was talking with my coach recently and she shared an image that came to her:

I want you to squeeze all the juice out of me – I am an orange!

Similar to a quote about the unlived life and not wanting to arrive at death not having lived, she was reflecting on her desire to live, to give, to be fully used in this lifetime. She envisioned each of you drinking from a straw, drinking in her orange sweetness!

It occurred to me, however, that oranges grow on trees. I couldn’t help but see an orange tree with straws sticking out of big, juicy, orange fruit! In this vision, even as we live, give, and are used in this lifetime, we are continually nourished by the tree. We are the channel through which powerful life-giving juice flows. Rather than being used up by life, we can choose to be aware of the ways in which we are ever-renewed while allowing life to flow through us.

What is the juice IN YOU which nourishes others?
What is your “orange tree”?
How plump is the orange of you today?

What will restore its juicy, round fullness?

What is YOUR wisdom?