Be where you are …

I am practicing something fervently these days. It isn’t wholly new, but I’m feeling the impact more than I ever have before. It’s very simple:

Be where I am.

Obvious? Well, perhaps at face value. But let me expand on the meaning for you. Be where I am means that once I’ve decided to be in this place or with this person or doing this activity or, for that matter, be alone doing nothing at all, then BE FULLY HERE. Release thoughts about the options I didn’t choose. Release negative self-talk about how unproductive I’m being. Release fear that this choice means I’ll get behind on everything else or fail at something else. I guess this is the ultimate in single-tasking – not even multi-tasking with my emotions or thoughts.

Be here now. Be single-focused. Be wholly present.

The impact? I am noticing much more ease in my mind and my body. I am more accepting of me, you and life itself. I am remembering things that used to get pushed out of my busy mind. I am feeling good, accomplished, pleased with what I am completing. And the greatest impact for me? I am sleeping so much more soundly!

I can’t predict what the impact would be for you. And I can’t force you to try this single-tasking experiment. But I urge you to consider it! We live at a time and in a society that is pulling at us from all directions: jobs, families, cell phones, the numerous things we own and must care for, our health and all the ways we are told to care for ourselves, the media from thousands of directions at once .

Need I go on?

I will leave you here. Try it. Try it long enough to notice the impact. Bring a buddy along for the ride as you might be swimming against the current of most everyone around you.

You’re excited. I can tell! Go now. Be where you are!

What is YOUR wisdom?