Begin with your thoughts …

All creation begins in thought. Before the creation appears, the creator thinks about it, ponders how it will be made, molds ideas in his or her mind. If I am creating by myself, then it is just fine to think about “it” until the time is right, then take action.

But, consider another scenario. You and I are in relationship. I think for months about our intention to go on a vacation. I imagine all the places I want us to go, what we will do there, what it will be like. I am ready to make reservations and I come to you with: “I am so excited. We will do … and you’ll just love … Let’s make the reservations today.” 

Are you as excited as I am? Possibly not. Co-creation? I don’t think so. If we wait until we have a “ready to go” idea … and try to sell it, we’ll likely not get the buy in we hope for.

If you desire to co-create with another human being, then share the journey from the beginning, the imperfect, not ready for prime time thoughts that you are having. Avail yourself of an opportunity to create more expansively – to create from a merging of ideas! It’s quite possible that one plus one does equal three!

What thoughts need to be shared today?

What is YOUR wisdom?