If Life is a Tapestry … part I

What does that really mean? Let’s explore qualities of a tapestry:

  • There is a pattern, a design, that a creator is following
  • The design may be repetitive or not, colorful or not, intricate and tiny or big and bold, real or abstract
  • There is a “front” side and a “back” side which are usually very different in appearance
  • While sewing, the creator is mired in the details, the color and shape of the next stitch
  • While sewing, the creator also steps back from the work periodically to view it from a distance and take in the whole, then making adjustments or perhaps even redoing a section if needed
  • The finished product, the completed design, is visible only in the imagination of the creator until the last stitch is sewn

Let’s explore – one point at a time. For today:

Who or what is the master creator of your tapestry?
Is it you?
Is it you working in tandem with your spiritual guide?
In what ways have you entrusted your life to another human being – perhaps given your power away?

What is YOUR wisdom?