Blurred Vision

Blurred vision — not the vision we speak of in coaching — that rich and powerful life vision that is the foundation for our choices. Though this is very important vision!

Rather, the vision that we see with day in and day out.

Sometimes, we see clearly. We know, and we proceed in this very specific, pointed, limited, clearly defined direction. Our vision is not blurred. And there are times when this is perfect. And there are times when it is not.

Sometimes such clear vision is preventing us from opening, from seeing possibility, from looking outside the box. It is keeping us stuck. At these times, consider the impact of blurred vision. Try it. Softly let your eyes cross ever so slightly to reveal a world less defined, less certain, less concrete, more unknown. Now let your mind blur a bit, release what you think you know and open to the looser, softer, even the unknowable.

What sensations fill you?
What do you *know* intuitively?

How will you let blurred vision guide you?

What is YOUR wisdom?