Is patience a 4-letter word for any of you? I’d like to say that it isn’t for me … but … I know it has been. While I grew up in another era where everything happened more slowly, the world of fast food and quick fixes and gotta have it now  has certainly had an impact on me.

Yet, this past month I have been practicing gentle, minimal but regular, stretching on some long abused muscles in my body. After two years of constant pain (interspersed with occasional relief followed by overdoing it – again!), I have finally practiced patience and seen the benefit in pain-free, flexible movement. I realize that I needed to stop stubbornly trying to “do it myself”, trust the physical therapist, stop evaluating progress daily and allow healing over time. I wonder:

What in your world needs a large dose of patience?
What happens when you hurry it along?

What is it worth to you?

What is YOUR wisdom?