Body Talk

Do you, like me, take your body for granted? As you work and play, go through your days, do you ignore the vehicle that allows you to do what you do?

Pause with me. For just a minute, set down anything that you are holding. Begin to breathe with intention, deeply, slow and steady. With each exhale, imagine blowing out your thoughts, blowing out any emotions that may be weighing on your heart. Close your eyes and let go of anything calling to your spirit, connections pulling you outside of yourself.

For one minute, focus on your physical being, your body.

As you continue breathing, scan your body from head to toe. Really listen for any messages it is sending. Where is there tension? Pain? Swelling? Hunger? Thirst? Lethargy? Discomfort?

Drop down deeper. Listen now for your body’s requests of you.

What does it need now?
What changes in your routine habits could help?

Some of your bodies are saying, “I need you to exercise me, feed me differently.” This winter, my body began speaking loudly, daily, with sore, tight hamstrings, hips, and glutes. I stretched and iced and “cared for” my body. Yet, it kept talking. Finally, I became willing to hear, “I need to rest! I need you to press the pause button on racquetball, volleyball, walking, stretching.”

That was HARD!

Possibly, stopping routine physical activity is as hard for some as starting it is for others!

Whether your body needs more, less, or different, I encourage you to listen and honor its requests. You won’t get another! This body is it. Yet, many of us take better care of our cars, homes, RVs – those things which “house” our bodies – than we do of our body which houses our intellect, heart and spirit. Consider these lyrics:

If My Body

I came into this world in a body that’s fine.
In some ways it’s ever and totally mine.
And yet it’s on loan: only mine for a time.
Only I can take care so it lasts through this rhyme…

If I thought of my body as a Mack truck
when she was on empty I’d surely fill up!
I’d use only premium never the cheap stuff!
If my body, my body I thought of as a Mack truck! I thought of as a Mack truck!

If my body I saw her as a shiny little sports car
I would make sure she’d always shine as a bright star!
I’d wash her and wax her and I’d buff out each mar!
If my body, I thought of her a shiny little sports car! A shiny little sports car!

If I thought of my body as a well oiled machine …
I know I’d keep her joints and ligaments so pristine!
I’d take her for her tuneups and those checkups routine!
So she would run as good as new!
If my body, I thought of her a well oiled machine! A well oiled machine!

If my body I thought she was a Winnebago RV
I’d expect her insides to be pure and clean!
I’d keep her free of clutter so I’d get around with ease.
Vacations would be fun and free!
If my body, I thought of her a Winnebago RV! A Winnebago RV!

But my body’s a blessing of human design.
She houses my Spirit the Sacred Divine!
I must tend to her gently, be loving and kind.
So she is a clear channel and lasts a long time.

How will you honor and care for your body – starting today?

What is YOUR wisdom?