What am I to learn from you?

Today’s message is short; it is an invitation to a way of being in our lives. It is meant for you if you ever move through your days:

  • ignoring everything and everyone that isn’t “in the plan”
  • assuming that the person you are about to speak with has nothing of value to offer you
  • mindlessly doing the mundane tasks
  • afraid of what you are about to do or what the people around you are thinking

My invitation to you is this:

Anticipate the gift!

Imagine approaching every interaction, every activity, every moment with the anticipation of gift. This is a simple – yet perhaps not easy – attitude adjustment. It requires an intentional pause to remember to expect that the person, activity or task in front of you has a precious, one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-repeated gift. There is something inherent in this interaction that you will learn from. Then trust this fact and be open to perceive and receive the learning.

What gifts await you today?
What gift will you be to another?

What is YOUR wisdom?