Bowling Alley Wisdom Part II

In case you missed part I, you’ll find it here:

Bowling Alley Wisdom Part I: The Second Chance

Lesson #2: The Spare

What’s really amazing about the second chance in bowling is this: you get rewarded for succeeding the second time! Yes, even after a total miss with ball #1 (a gutter ball), if your second chance results in all ten pins going down, not only do you score ten points, but you get bonus points from the next frame. I’m not kidding!

If you trusted that giving yourself a second chance or offering that gift to another would result in bonus points, or healing, or forgiveness, or possibility, I ask again:

Where will you give yourself or another a second chance?

Add to that:

What will be possible then?
What vision makes the second chance SO worth it?

What is YOUR wisdom?