Bowling Alley Wisdom Part I


Yesterday I went bowling with friend. The purpose was simply to have some fun. And we did! But so much joy came from moment after moment of awareness as we discovered metaphors for life in our strikes and spares and fouls!

So, after a month of space and inward reflection, I have returned to you – not with wisdom born of meditation. Rather, wisdom born of play! If you have never bowled, perhaps it’s time to try it out – if only so you can follow the next several posts as bowling alley wisdom unfolds.

Lesson #1: The Second Chance

Bowling is a game with ten “frames”. Every frame offers two chances at knocking down the 10 pins. Not just one, TWO! The only exception is the 10th frame where you get up to three chances. How nice is that?

Back to the second chance. It’s okay not to get it right the first time. Most of the time you won’t! What’s not okay is walking away before using the second chance to apply what you learned the first time.

Where will you give yourself a second chance?
What did you learn the first time?
Who else in your life needs a second chance?

What is YOUR wisdom?