Bowling Alley Wisdom Part IV

In case you missed part III, you’ll find it here:

Bowling Alley Wisdom Part III: The Arrows


Lesson #4: The Ball

The primary tool in bowling is the ball. You will need to select the right combination of

  • weight – not too heavy that you can’t throw it, not too light that it has no impact
  • finger hole configuration – does it match YOUR hand?

When the ball is “just right”, it is an extension of your arm, you release it smoothly and on target (remember the arrows?) and it carries just right energy, spin and direction to hit the pins and have wide reaching impact as pins knock down other pins.

In life:

What tools are you using to do the work?
Do you trust that the tools have power when well chosen
and released with intention?

Or do you choose a hammer when a love pat will do the job? Maybe your tool is a great idea but you refuse to let it go and allow others to “take it and run with it”.  Perhaps you are using tools, workshop outlines, meeting strategies, parenting techniques, that simply aren’t a match for who you are.  In this way, you are less effective and are actually hiding your light from the world.

What tools are ineffective?
What will you release and replace?
What if you don’t?

What is YOUR wisdom?