Bowling Alley Wisdom Part V

In case you missed part IV, you’ll find it here:

Bowling Alley Wisdom Part IV: The Ball

Lesson #5: The Foul Line

There is line at the end between the approach part of the lane and the alley itself. This is the foul line and may not be crossed. The penalty for breaching the foul line is a loss of all pins knocked down with that ball. Additionally, a very obnoxious alarm sounds and a red light glows to let everyone around you know that you have crossed the foul line.

Why does a bowler cross the line?

  • he lined up too close to the line and didn’t leave sufficient distance for his preparation, his approach
  • she got overzealous and lost control during her approach and simply went too far
  • he is a beginner and still developing the skill and coordination needed to deliver the ball smoothly from behind the line
  • she suffered an equipment malfunction in her body and simply wasn’t herself at delivery

How does the foul line and its alarm show up and guide us in life? I suspect the responses are many! Here are a few:

  • speed limits … and red lights in the mirror
  • assignments from teachers or coaches designed to help us succeed at the “next step” on the path
  • social graces which help us navigate relationships and which, when ignored, sometimes set off big, painful “alarms”

What are the foul lines in your life?
Which have you crossed?
What caused you to cross the line?
What was the impact?

Which foul lines have become too restrictive?
What will you do about that?

What is YOUR wisdom?